St. Michael's Heavenly Roast      12 oz.
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St. Michael's Heavenly Roast 12 oz.

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Since this coffee's purpose is to benefit the St. Michael's Roman Catholic Mission is Naco, Arizona, it seemed fitting to make sure that it was a coffee that brought good full-circle.  So, we matched up the good work that St. Michael's does with the good work being done by the coffee growers around the world.

This blend features coffees grown by Union Ramal Santa Cruz in Chiapas, Mexico; the The Yha Hauka Kopi Limited Cooperative in Papua New Guinea; and the Tunas Inda Coffee Farmer's Co-op in Sumatra, Indonesia.  All these growers produce fair-trade, organic coffees, and have done considerable work to improve the lives of the small coffee-farmers and to make their communities healthier, safer and more economically stable.

The blend reflects the distinctly different origins of each coffee, and each lends its special character to this blend.

The St. Michael's Roman Catholic Mission does a great deal to improve the lives and health of the people in the border community it serves.  Recently, they partnered with the Naco Health Initiative, a non-profit ecumenical organization that trains community health-educators (promotoras) and who provides a wide variety of free health and medical services to people in need in both Naco, Arizona and Naco, Sonora, Mexico. 

The Mission was established in 1938, and their little building on Martinez St., a block from the border is in desperate need of repair.  Although, there might be a few folks who miss the wascally wabbit who occasionally makes an entrance through one of the holes in the floor...

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